Why the fuck do I keep thinking about junk food.

Chocolate bars, ice cream, blizzards, whiskey and cola, chips, etc.

Seriously, whatever the craving monster inside my brain is doing right now, it needs to friggin stop and quick cause it’s going to crush me.


Serves me right for smashing two chicken finger tv dinners, you know, the ones in the blue box.

The chocolate fudge cake thing was actually kinda good once I put real whipped cream on it, and then the mashed potato or whatever it actually is I mixed with the corn and a good helping of butter.

The chicken… I had to crisp up in a pan on the stove or it I think it would have been inedible and even then I still had to mix mustard and ketchup together into a faux rib sauce of sorts in order to get them in.

What have I become?

I ate those two because I needed a helping of meat I haven’t had in a few days.

Why didn’t I go to the grocery store?

Because I’ve been having some social anxiety for the past half a year or so. 

Its actually no so bad once I get there and do my shopping.

I don’t even think anything of it really.

It’s just making the decision to go there that is the problem.

Can’t make the decision.

I need to eat healthier.

Fuck, why did I do this to myself again.


Tomorrow is a new day and I will be getting some proper food.

Fuck this junk delivery stuff and fuck these fucking sugar cravings too.

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  1. I guess that was a lot of writing for one day. I’m happy I don’t have to think about the stupid food as much now that I’ve written a bunch of shit and got most of my thoughts down on ye ol internet paper. anyways, leave a comment if you want.

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