Good god I ate another pizza.

Good god I ate another pizza.



I’m getting my water in, at least.

1.4 litres so far. I need to get one more of my shaker bottles worth in and I should be better hydrated for tomorrow.

And need to get it in before I got to bed so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night.


I’ve pretty much been sitting all day today.

I’ll be going to go pedal for awhile on the exercise bike and watch a movie right after I’m done this post.  I need to sweat and get the blood flowing through my legs after yesterday’s workout.

I only need to be a little better every day.

I hate to say it, but there is two more pizza’s in the fridge and they’re both going to get eaten at some point.  I think maybe I should throw them in the freezer so they’re at least a little bit less accessible. Cold pizza is tasty, frozen pizza is a toothache.

 Tomorrow, I will def get some meat for the week.

Procrastination is strong today.

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