I really need to get to that store.

So I’m sitting here eating pizza, being an asshole to my body again.

Granted I did make it myself, including the dough as well, so there’s that.

I’d ask myself how the fuck this happened but know exactly how it happened this time.

I did intend to go to the store and get healthy food, but I didn’t.

I had a pepper, a bag of spinach and a head of cauliflower I needed to cook up and then through the bottom of the fridge and into the crisper drawer below a thousands angels sang as my gaze landed upon two unopened packets of pepperoni for which the aforementioned pizza could be made with.

So the decision was made, cook the veggies somehow and we’re having pizza today!

Fuck yeah!

And I also did manage to cook and slightly eat some of the cauliflower-spinach-red pepper concoction I prepared, but it was a pittance to the entire 10” pizza I’m eating.

But I didn’t’ end up eating anything until like 2:30, and even though I did add like 50 calories to my coffee this morning; Maybe I got lucky with the fasting and it didn’t actually break on a physiological level.

So cheers to wishing for that.

I’ll try the store tomorrow morning.

Oh, and after yesterday’s workout, I can barely pick things up off the floor from a standing position, but it wasn’t like that was difficult before I worked out yesterday anyways having this huge fucking gut in the way.

Why is there 3 pizzas? Because I ate the first entire one like a fatass…
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