Well, I broke my fast too early today because..

Well bell because I’m kinda stupid.

I put whipped cream into my coffee instead of using coffee mate like I usually do

Turns out it has a lot more calories than the coffee mate

And now I’m sitting here like a fool thinking about food.

Fuck it, might as well eat breakfast and be happy.

C’est la vie.

Also, I have to go grocery shopping today

I must leave the house today

I must go and buy good food today

I have to. 


Ive been eating so much junk lately

Just baby steps is all a I need to take

It’s a simple as

1 – eat real food

2 – don’t sit all day like a fat pig.

3 – work on your passion today, which im doing already.

Oh, btw, I’ll probably be promoting some stuff for sale eventually; I have to buy this good food somehow and my passion is 3D modelling and designing. But enough of that shit for now.

Onward foul swine!

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