Annnnnndddd I’m fasting.

It’s nearly 4pm now, which is about 4 hours more than my normal fasting time.

Fasting is kinda weird.

I haven’t been all that hungry yet, just one physical pang so far, but that just might have been gas. LOL!

The only thing I consume for the 48 hours is water with and without salt, and coffee or tea for warm drinks. I suppose any other low or no calorie water flavorings is probably fine too, just gotta use judgement on that one.

I got up and out of bed before the sun rose this morning, so I’ve had a lot of time to think about food, but honestly, it hasn’t been all that bad so far.

The weird part about the fasting this time, is that I’ve had a couple sensations of both taste and smell of chicken soup, specifically Campbell’s Chicken Noodle. Very strange.

I am not sure if the afternoon coffee was worth having or not, but I needed a little kick to keep going.

Fasting sure does simplify a lot of things.

Except that I find myself with A LOT more time, so making work for myself and just chipping away at all the to do lists is quite beneficial.

I was invited out for two of my refeed meals on Tuesday and Thursday which was totally unexpected and is super cool.

Another cool thing is now I don’t have to buy any food until Saturday, and realistically I might just dine out for that meal instead of grocery shopping, because why have all the food in the house if I’m not going to be eating all that frequently.

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