Guess What Day It Is Today?

Guess what day it is today?

I bet you said Valentines Day.

Well sure, it is, but that’s not what day it is.

Today is a fasting day.

Today is the first day where I actually have the correct amounts of salts in my water, and it’s not all that bad tasting either.

Today is the day where I truly building the discipline muscle.

I started the day off a bit emotional. It happens.

And it wasn’t because of the holiday either.

It was because I get that feeling of scared of being alone when my parents head on to the next life.

I guess it’s a natural reaction to an issue I still haven’t learned to deal with in my almost 39 trips around the sun.

Maybe we aren’t supposed to, but my body has such a huge reaction to it and then it just takes on a whole course of it’s own.

So odd.


I’m sitting here at my workstation hungry, but with good general sense of wellbeing. I’m starting to get used to being hungry again.

I’m making coffee bread for tomorrow’s refeed.

I’m going to add in some Tea and Jaffa Cakes (which I had to import from the UK), a McDonalds Cheeseburger or two, a blizzard, and I might even have some pizza or and/or a burrito.

I know it sounds like a lot, but if keeps me sane, so be it.

I finally had my meatball sandwich along with fries and gravy that’d I’d been craving for few weeks now.

It was so good.

So good.

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