Well, I guess that’s what the number on the scale says.

My weight actually fluctuates A LOT during the day.

As much as 5 lbs in come cases.

Every morning I wake up, get on a t shirt and shorts, hit up the bathroom for a #1 and sometimes now #2 now that I’m getting in a lot of fibre, then head downstairs to do weigh in for the day.

Today’s was 367.6

holy fuck

how the fuck did this actually happen.

last year when I was working out with a trainer, i fluctuated between 330 and 340 lbs for about 6 months. and then i stopped going to the gym all together and then stopped caring about my diet when i decided to move back to the north.

I still kind of don’t care, but I’m trying to make the effort anyways.

I need more accountability and more discipline in my life.

It seems like everything is too easy, and too hard all at the same time.

I’ve been north of 300 for a long, long time, and it’s starting to wear me out.

Time to do the difficult things again, even though it hurts.

Just fucking do it, damn it!

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