I’m Heavier this morning

I’m heavier this morning, and I should be.

Why didn’t I eat the soup I made yesterday instead of ordering DQ?

I wanted ice cream i guess.

and if im ordering up ice cream, why not order dinner too?

the blizzard was a bit meh.

the burger was meh.

the chicken burger was actually kind of nice.

Why did I mention all of this?

Well, I’m sitting here contemplating the beautiful cappuccino I just prepared for myself.

The milk i put in the coffee will make my insulin rise and the caffeine stresses me out.

I can’t burn any body fat if my insulin is elevated and my hormones are effed up because I’m stressed out, that’s just not how the body works.

So if i drink the coffee, today is basically a wash for losing any weight?


Is the coffee drink more important than goal I want to achieve?

The answer is complicated. Let’s examine.

The simple answer: no; it is not more important, but is it as important as my goal?

I would think it’s about 85% as important.

Well shit. Really?

Yes, really!


It’s socially acceptable, delicious, and brings me a bit of joy in the morning; plus, it gives me a mental and physical kick in the pants.

Do I drink coffee because I am addicted to it? What happens when I stop drinking it?

Withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine, obviously.

So, If I drink the coffee, I won’t burn any body fat.

What else happens?

I stay obese.


And I guess I will most likely continue on down the path to die young and alone because I won’t lose the body weight.

i’ll be that guy.

the weird old huge guy that people know exist, but don’t really know.

the one who wasted his life, sitting at home just being entertained.

having some great ideas and prospects, but taking no action to realize them.

i see this path before me as I walk it.

is the coffee really that important?

why am i fixated on coffee being the reason why i can’t make progress?

is it because it’s a stimulant and because it raises my insulin level?


what about the ice cream from last night?



maybe try eating the food you have in the house today?

oh, i drank the coffee btw.


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