So about fasting every other day…

I guess its not so bad, really.

It really isn’t, and I mean it.

I’m sitting here feeling a bit hungry, but not feeling deprived: which I guess is what’s important.

I sat through my folks having dinner and enjoyed their company while I had few drinks of the electrolyte water I drink on my fasting days.

What is kinda weird is that I have a lot more energy not eating then when I do eat.

This is probably because of the carbs I’ve been normally eating, like bread, milk, pasta, pizza, you know…..all the tasty foods.

And that’s not to say that meat and veg isn’t tasty either, cause I live for ‘real food’.

So, today is wednesday. I fasted on monday, I ate yesterday, i’m fasting today, and tomorrow i will be eating (feasting) agian.

Another great thing that’s happening by fasting for 40-48 hours (6pm to 9am) is that my body has already used up and gotten rid of 5 lb of ‘stuff’; and that’s by the middle of day 3, like wtf right?

so the pain is def worth it right now.

the excess water, fat, and protein needs to take a hike so i can get on living the rest of my life.


so far so good.

can’t wait to see how i feel and what the scale says about this new routine next monday.

i started at 374.0 lbs monday morning.

I’m currently 368.2.

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