In a Better Place, Sort Of

When I first started writing this food blog thing of sorts, I needed an outlet to cope with and a tool to use to combat the never ending bombardment of thoughts about food.

I know I have some sort of… ‘thing’ regarding food.

Is it an addiction? Do I just love food that much? Am I actually kinda crazy for getting a measure of being loved from the food I eat? I dunno.

What I do know is that I have a sufficient amount of knowledge and experience with respect to the preparation of the foods that I like and love; that paired along with my general sense of enthusiasm for food in general certainly puts me within the ranks of foodie culture.

Take this mornings breakfast as an example:

A Breakfast wrap – green peppers, zucchini, mushroom, onion, garlic, finely chopped bacon pieces, 3 eggs whipped and turned over (Japanese style), good ol’ American sliced cheese, all wrapped up in a twelve inch flour tortilla and grilled to perfection.

Can’t forget the coffee either: Fresh ground Lavazza coffee beans run through a Keurig single serve reusable filter. A normal sized cup of coffee this time, but I am eyeing up a second cup because it’s just that good.

On a side note, I designed and 3D printed a piece that replaces the portafilter holder on my coffee grinder which holds the reusable keurig coffee filters. It works pretty slick after I got the grind and volume dialed in.

This was a very simple breakfast for my foodie self to make. Other people might consider a bowl of cereal or a muffin a ‘simple’ breakfast.

So yeah, I think I’m in a better place of understanding of what I want, what I’m comfortable with, how safe I feel, and how much effort I want to put in.

What I understand is that if I don’t change anything, nothing will change. It’s a pretty straightforward concept I know, but it’s so easy to miss the point of it.

To be, I must do; action must be taken; plans carefully made and carried out to completion.

So what works? Everything works given enough time, and this is exactly the problem I have. It’s most likely the problem most people have when.

Fasting works extremely well, but fasting longer than 36 hours gets very uncomfortable.

Getting in a good workout out at the gym always had a good outcome in the past.

I just can’t stick to anything longer than a few months. I only made going to the gym a priority when I paid for personal training. I went because it costed me eighty dollars per hour to do so.

If I’m going to keep on loving food and never wanting to change that about myself, I’m going to have to start loving movement too. Using the energy I’m eating is a vital and necessary component of the foodie lifestyle. I just have to do it.

I have lots of experience in the gym though you’d never know it just by taking a look at me. This is because if given the choice, I would rather be still than move, and each time I went back to being still, my body changed back into the still person.

Everything that I like and want to do is done in a still state.

I design things using a computer. I like watching movies and shows and playing video games. I like to live stream. I like to make things. I use my mind more than I move my body with these activities.

I’m thinking my stillness and homebody tendencies boil down to how safe I feel.

If I don’t go out, there is much less to worry about; and this sentiment is now amplified in the new era that is preventing the spread of Covid-19.

If I don’t move, I’m better guarded and therefore more safe.

I’m starting to more feel safe and secure again now that I am finally starting to settle into my new surroundings with a place to call home again.

I’ve found a few things to do to give myself purpose and direction by doing and being involved in the things I am passionate about.

Getting to know my surroundings better, having a home, having passion for things and activities, having more purpose and direction will all reduce stress and raise overall feelings of safety and security.

Body will start to relax.

Better food choices and desire for movement will come naturally.

Body weight will lower.

Overall health and wellbeing will increase.

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