let’s go for a walk

So I guess I’m starting a morning routine again; it’s been awhile.

I’ve been walking every day for a few days now.

Yesterday was a couple miles of grass cutting.

This morning was 2.2km around the block.

Feels good to get up earlier and out into nature when the birds are chirping.

For me, I need to do something to get active, and this seems like a good something to do.

5km per day seems like a good amount of activity.

I think I’m after the volume of activity right now.

Keep dipping into those glycogen stores (stored energy in the muscles and liver).

My body can’t take all 5k at once at the moment, so I have to split it up into chunks.

Long loop (2.2 km) in the morning.

Short loop (1.3 km) mid day.

Another long loop.

That’s 5.7 kms total.

Let’s do it.

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