Well, I guess that’s what the number on the scale says.

My weight actually fluctuates A LOT during the day.

As much as 5 lbs in come cases.

Every morning I wake up, get on a t shirt and shorts, hit up the bathroom for a #1 and sometimes now #2 now that I’m getting in a lot of fibre, then head downstairs to do weigh in for the day.

Today’s was 367.6

holy fuck

how the fuck did this actually happen.

last year when I was working out with a trainer, i fluctuated between 330 and 340 lbs for about 6 months. and then i stopped going to the gym all together and then stopped caring about my diet when i decided to move back to the north.

I still kind of don’t care, but I’m trying to make the effort anyways.

I need more accountability and more discipline in my life.

It seems like everything is too easy, and too hard all at the same time.

I’ve been north of 300 for a long, long time, and it’s starting to wear me out.

Time to do the difficult things again, even though it hurts.

Just fucking do it, damn it!

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I’m working on a time line

Cut down. Eat half of what your normally eat. Why don’t you exercise more?

I think by this point in our collective history, we all know that there is way more to weight loss than just the old adage of ‘eat less and move more’, but there is still some truth in that saying, and a multitude of science literature is there to prove it.

I’m concerned with the volume of fat, water, and gas that I’m carrying with me at all times.

The water is what makes me heavy, the fat is what is driving me crazy and the gas is what makes me miserable.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I’m probably full of shit too; literally.

If I’m being honest with myself and with all of you, my quality of life has gone down in a physical sense over the past few months because of being a lot less active and though I don’t remember specifically, probably over indulging too.

It’s kinda shitty to acknowledge it, but hey, the truth sucks sometimes.

To make matters worse, here I am suffering the consequences from of the lack of activity: the anxiety producing symptoms of “Sitting Disease”.

Somehow all of the health complications seemed to just sneak up on me and literally come from nowhere. How the eff does that even happen? How do I not clearly remember doing what it is that got me here?

Every single obese person in the world also has some sort of mental health issue that is 100% tied in to when and how they eat. But, it turns out that might this just might be a chicken and egg situation or a critical mass sort of thing where the causality could be one or the other, and who knows which caused which.


The scary part about this is that I am not alone in this endeavor. There are millions of people suffering this same fate.


I’m going to try to make this food blog a bit more scientific.

So that means collecting some data.

A master timeline of what I’m doing as it involves taking in food and drink, expelling waste, what I’m doing movement-wise, how I’m sleeping, and most importantly, my weight (mass).

In an effort to see what actually works to reduce body weight and what doesn’t.

It should be easy enough with a smartphone at the ready.

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I’m up and it’s time to eat. Let’s have waffles.

I’m sitting on a stool in from of the counter. To the right is an awesome batter mixer/dispenser from pampered chef. Seriously, it’s really awesome. I had two waffles and I put the other six in the freezer for session.

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Birthday Dinner!

Riiiiiiiiiiibs! Super-food salad, brocolli with cheese sauce. I overcooked the brocolli so it ended up more like a soup. It was still very tasty. What you can’t see off was the bday cake I ate before dinner, the tea I had along with it, and the giant jug of Johnny Walker Black label and Coke with ALOT of ice. So darn good. Happy 39th Bday to me!

Earlier in the day I was treated by some family friends to a wonderful and very tasty sushi lunch.

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Finally went grocery shopping

deli chicken, super-food salad, olives. I’m very very satisfied. I couldn’t even eat all the chicken; mind you, it was half of a chicken.

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