The Last Meal Until Tuesday

It’s obvious now what I chose concerning the debate between Chinese and chicken wings.

Akay. Like I mentioned previously, this is a good time to do some fasting so I didn’t go to the store and get a bunch of groceries what I did was just get some takeaway for this last meal.

And I’m also happy I didn’t eat all of those fries too! I mean, holy serving size! Wow!

Anyways. I’m sure i’ll have something to say tomorrow.

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Something worth writing about

Location location location.

It basically matters for everything, including good ideas.

While in the shower getting ready to go to the store, it dawned on me that this is actually the perfect time to start doing the longer fasts that I had planned on doing.

Right now is perfect for a lot reasons:

  • I have no substantial food in the house.
  • I have one meal to eat before I fast again.
  • Tomorrow is a Monday, and why not start things off on a Monday.
  • My intermittent fasting is getting easier and easier which means I’m getting better fat adapted which is less shock to the liver for switch over.
  • I’m a fat-fuck that needs to stop eating for awhile.
  • I have a lot of retained water that needs to be mobilized and fasting is a great way to get that shit gone.
  • My blood pressure is a bit higher than I’d like it to be. Last time fasted it went right back to normal on the 3rd day.
  • I need to start working the discipline muscle again, like badly; things have gotten a bit out of control.
  • I haven’t done any prolonged fasting since May or June last year and it’s about time.
  • It’s cheaper cause I don’t have to buy a shit load of groceries.
  • 48 hour fast isn’t all that long.
  • Whatever I eat when I refeed is going to taste so good.
  • The weather is crap.
  • It’s cold out.
  • I’m craving Chinese food or chicken wings for dinner.
  • I don’t really feel like cleaning up after cooking and eating.
  • I can get more work done if I don’t have to cook/clean.
  • Going to lose a lot of body fat.

So, now that I’m looking at this substantial list of reasons as to why I should probably start 48 hour fasting on a regular basis, it’s pretty well cemented into place.

Pizza is going in the freezer for later enjoyment.

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And before I go the store…

Going to break my fast. It’s afternoon already: kinda crazy. Here’s what I have today.

It’s kinda like yesterday but a little different. I added some of that veggie mix that I made up yesterday.

It’s not horrible.


Now that I’ve eaten it, it wasn’t all that great either.

Pretty sure the rest of it is going in the trash because that’s where untasty food belongs.

There is no hope of saving food with this texture.

On another note, I’m going to be getting the makings of some beef stew when I hit up the grocery.

Making it for dinner tonight is probably not going to happen, but I do have until 8pm or so to get it into my body, so that might actually work.

Shopping list for today’s grocery adventure: Stewing Beef, turkey drum sticks, green beans, peas, onions, garlic, and something for dinner.

I’ll be posting up later on with all the other shit that I got.

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Good god I ate another pizza.

Good god I ate another pizza.



I’m getting my water in, at least.

1.4 litres so far. I need to get one more of my shaker bottles worth in and I should be better hydrated for tomorrow.

And need to get it in before I got to bed so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night.


I’ve pretty much been sitting all day today.

I’ll be going to go pedal for awhile on the exercise bike and watch a movie right after I’m done this post.  I need to sweat and get the blood flowing through my legs after yesterday’s workout.

I only need to be a little better every day.

I hate to say it, but there is two more pizza’s in the fridge and they’re both going to get eaten at some point.  I think maybe I should throw them in the freezer so they’re at least a little bit less accessible. Cold pizza is tasty, frozen pizza is a toothache.

 Tomorrow, I will def get some meat for the week.

Procrastination is strong today.

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I really need to get to that store.

So I’m sitting here eating pizza, being an asshole to my body again.

Granted I did make it myself, including the dough as well, so there’s that.

I’d ask myself how the fuck this happened but know exactly how it happened this time.

I did intend to go to the store and get healthy food, but I didn’t.

I had a pepper, a bag of spinach and a head of cauliflower I needed to cook up and then through the bottom of the fridge and into the crisper drawer below a thousands angels sang as my gaze landed upon two unopened packets of pepperoni for which the aforementioned pizza could be made with.

So the decision was made, cook the veggies somehow and we’re having pizza today!

Fuck yeah!

And I also did manage to cook and slightly eat some of the cauliflower-spinach-red pepper concoction I prepared, but it was a pittance to the entire 10” pizza I’m eating.

But I didn’t’ end up eating anything until like 2:30, and even though I did add like 50 calories to my coffee this morning; Maybe I got lucky with the fasting and it didn’t actually break on a physiological level.

So cheers to wishing for that.

I’ll try the store tomorrow morning.

Oh, and after yesterday’s workout, I can barely pick things up off the floor from a standing position, but it wasn’t like that was difficult before I worked out yesterday anyways having this huge fucking gut in the way.

Why is there 3 pizzas? Because I ate the first entire one like a fatass…
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