Well, I broke my fast too early today because..

Well bell because I’m kinda stupid.

I put whipped cream into my coffee instead of using coffee mate like I usually do

Turns out it has a lot more calories than the coffee mate

And now I’m sitting here like a fool thinking about food.

Fuck it, might as well eat breakfast and be happy.

C’est la vie.

Also, I have to go grocery shopping today

I must leave the house today

I must go and buy good food today

I have to. 


Ive been eating so much junk lately

Just baby steps is all a I need to take

It’s a simple as

1 – eat real food

2 – don’t sit all day like a fat pig.

3 – work on your passion today, which im doing already.

Oh, btw, I’ll probably be promoting some stuff for sale eventually; I have to buy this good food somehow and my passion is 3D modelling and designing. But enough of that shit for now.

Onward foul swine!

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Why the fuck do I keep thinking about junk food.

Chocolate bars, ice cream, blizzards, whiskey and cola, chips, etc.

Seriously, whatever the craving monster inside my brain is doing right now, it needs to friggin stop and quick cause it’s going to crush me.


Serves me right for smashing two chicken finger tv dinners, you know, the ones in the blue box.

The chocolate fudge cake thing was actually kinda good once I put real whipped cream on it, and then the mashed potato or whatever it actually is I mixed with the corn and a good helping of butter.

The chicken… I had to crisp up in a pan on the stove or it I think it would have been inedible and even then I still had to mix mustard and ketchup together into a faux rib sauce of sorts in order to get them in.

What have I become?

I ate those two because I needed a helping of meat I haven’t had in a few days.

Why didn’t I go to the grocery store?

Because I’ve been having some social anxiety for the past half a year or so. 

Its actually no so bad once I get there and do my shopping.

I don’t even think anything of it really.

It’s just making the decision to go there that is the problem.

Can’t make the decision.

I need to eat healthier.

Fuck, why did I do this to myself again.


Tomorrow is a new day and I will be getting some proper food.

Fuck this junk delivery stuff and fuck these fucking sugar cravings too.

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Welcome to the workout shitshow

I did a workout today, well so far only like half of it.

like an asshole stopped during the kettlebell swings cause im fat and it got hard and I need to sit down.

So I wrote the two previous entries

Notice the the dates are all the same?

Yeah, because I wrote all of these in one sitting; How grand right?

Not really.

I started off with farmer walks, 60 lbs of kettlebells. 3 sets of 200’.

Squats/deadlifts with the 25 lb kettle bell, 3 sets of 12 reps.

Fuck am I ever out of shape/fat.


Kettlebell swings 2x sets of 15 reps.

Now im just sitting here fat. I’ve been sitting so long by this point that sweat that was starting to from on my brow has had enough time to gaze upon its surroundings and either decided to retreat back into my body or change states and peace the fuck out.

I personally would have chosen the latter based purely on the conditions within, because anywhere else is better than there.

Heart rate is recovered. And I’ve accomplished enough work on this website and written enough to sufficiently feel like I have done something worth while….


As soon as im finished writing this im going to get up, do that last set of kettle bell swings, setup the TRX and then do some low rows, some chest press and maybe some more squats.

Thy sweat may soakith thine ground.

Or whatever.


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Stupid fucking confidence comes from the necessity to take action

Well, here’s an entire website dedicated to the terrible and wonderful food choices I’m going to make.

To make matters worse, I’m even going to publish what I’m doing for exercise and activity




Because for some reason I can’t be trusted with basic food and activity.

So, keep this fat-fuck honest.

Tell me when I fuck up.

I’ve only created this website in an attempt to keep myself honest by allowing the trolls to have their way with me whenever I decide to eat like an animal.

Up to this point gluttony and sloth are the words that come to mind.

Seriously, I have to get my shit together.

Are you someone that might need to get their shit together and start taking care of themselves too?

If you are, please join me in this mind-bending adventure through food addiction chaos that is our lives.

Oh yea…

I almost forgot to mention, the site is intended to be raw and vulgar and i don’t take a lot of time to edit for spelling and grammar.  You’re going to have to deal with some disappointment in that area if you expected the same’ol food blog.

If you came here expecting a meal recipe, I have nothing for you.

Onward foul swine!

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Breaking the fast

3 egg cheese country omelette fried in butter and topped with salsa and sour cream, served with bacon and sausage.

This is a staple meal that gives me energy for a good long while.

I levelled up my food pictures shooting this one in my new light box lol. It’s hilarious and awesome all at the same time.

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