Guess What Day It Is Today?

Guess what day it is today?

I bet you said Valentines Day.

Well sure, it is, but that’s not what day it is.

Today is a fasting day.

Today is the first day where I actually have the correct amounts of salts in my water, and it’s not all that bad tasting either.

Today is the day where I truly building the discipline muscle.

I started the day off a bit emotional. It happens.

And it wasn’t because of the holiday either.

It was because I get that feeling of scared of being alone when my parents head on to the next life.

I guess it’s a natural reaction to an issue I still haven’t learned to deal with in my almost 39 trips around the sun.

Maybe we aren’t supposed to, but my body has such a huge reaction to it and then it just takes on a whole course of it’s own.

So odd.


I’m sitting here at my workstation hungry, but with good general sense of wellbeing. I’m starting to get used to being hungry again.

I’m making coffee bread for tomorrow’s refeed.

I’m going to add in some Tea and Jaffa Cakes (which I had to import from the UK), a McDonalds Cheeseburger or two, a blizzard, and I might even have some pizza or and/or a burrito.

I know it sounds like a lot, but if keeps me sane, so be it.

I finally had my meatball sandwich along with fries and gravy that’d I’d been craving for few weeks now.

It was so good.

So good.


There is a couple notable side effects that go with fasting.

  • Cold Extremities
  • Mild headache (if you don’t keep your water up)
  • Lightheadedness (if you don’t take your minerals too)
  • Hunger that comes and goes
  • Thinking about food ALL FUCKING DAY LONG

All Day I Think About Food

I have really tasty food in the house: leftovers from dinner yesterday and I want to shove it in my food hole really badly.

I want to experience the taste.

I want to experience the feeling of being full, and perhaps even overfull.

I want to be all warm and cozy from the fires of metabolism.

I want that food to be gone so I don’t have to think about it anymore.

And on top of it all, that’s just the food that is in the fridge. I won’t let get into all the super yummy foods that everyone seems talks about all the time.

It’s ok tho, because I’m going to sleep soon.

And speaking of sleep: quality is up and holy shit are my dreams vivid.

zomg bacon

yeah, it had to happen.

that’s refeeding, or breaking the fast.

because who wants to not eat all the time, seriously?

food brings a lot of joy to my life

so, at 4pm, i decided to break my fast a bit early.

only about 2 hours early because i was going out for dinner at 6 anyways.

the first thing I ate in nearly 2 full days (40 hours) was a piece of bacon.

I almost fucking cried because it tasted so good.

the next thing I ate was 10 Jaffa Cakes and a cup of tea! LOL

I was invited to dinner by some family friends and all i have to say is omg.

We had meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, cauliflower and brocolli with cheese sauce, tea biscuits, salad, water, coffee and dessert.

All home made.

All unbelievably delicious.

Annnnnndddd I’m fasting.

It’s nearly 4pm now, which is about 4 hours more than my normal fasting time.

Fasting is kinda weird.

I haven’t been all that hungry yet, just one physical pang so far, but that just might have been gas. LOL!

The only thing I consume for the 48 hours is water with and without salt, and coffee or tea for warm drinks. I suppose any other low or no calorie water flavorings is probably fine too, just gotta use judgement on that one.

I got up and out of bed before the sun rose this morning, so I’ve had a lot of time to think about food, but honestly, it hasn’t been all that bad so far.

The weird part about the fasting this time, is that I’ve had a couple sensations of both taste and smell of chicken soup, specifically Campbell’s Chicken Noodle. Very strange.

I am not sure if the afternoon coffee was worth having or not, but I needed a little kick to keep going.

Fasting sure does simplify a lot of things.

Except that I find myself with A LOT more time, so making work for myself and just chipping away at all the to do lists is quite beneficial.

I was invited out for two of my refeed meals on Tuesday and Thursday which was totally unexpected and is super cool.

Another cool thing is now I don’t have to buy any food until Saturday, and realistically I might just dine out for that meal instead of grocery shopping, because why have all the food in the house if I’m not going to be eating all that frequently.